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At the age of 33, Candace was diagnosed with breast cancer. This has been devastating news to her family, which includes her husband, Garrett, and 1 year old son, Hayes. She is so ready to begin treatment and start her journey to being cancer-free (!), but unfortunately that comes at a large cost.

After losing their first son, Griffin, to a genetic disease in 2020, Candace and Garrett must undergo IVF to have any future children. This is particularly important to complete prior to chemotherapy, which has damaging effects to fertility.

Additional treatment includes chemotherapy, cold capping, surgery, radiation, and additional immunotherapies for the next year. The out of pocket cost of these treatments is in the multiple tens of thousands of dollars. This does not include lost wages due to time off work for chemotherapy, surgery, and other treatment needs. Three Cheers Creative was created to help offset these costs, and we couldn't be more thankful for your support!

About Us

Three Cheers Creative aims to make life extra-special. Whether it's new, fun signs for your Vols tailgate, or the perfect decoration for a bridal shower or birthday, we know that every day is worth celebrating! Life is a gift - why not make it fun!